close up of jet blasters from Plumbing Central Sydney
Nov 16 2015

Blocked drains, sewers and toilets can cause major damage if they are left unattended. Luckily there are fast and effective solutions to solve these issues. Specialised jet blasting equipment quickly cleans your pipes of any debris that might be causing a drain blockage, without the use of chemicals.


Graphic of jet blasting equipment.

Jet Blaster Equipment

A jet blaster typically has a large water tank with a hose attached to it. This hose is capable of withstanding very high pressures of water, specially designed to clean out any accessible openings that have pipes. Water pumped through the pipe at high pressure and will ensure your drain is free from unwanted debris.


Types Of Jet Blasters

Jet blasters are available from a variety of different brands, meaning there are different types to choose from. Jet blasters can be diesel, petrol or electric powered. Typically plumbers will not use electric models when cleaning drains to avoid being electrocuted. Jet blasters are mounted to either a trolley, skid or trailer for easy transport. A trolley mounted high pressure jetting machine is best for removing grease, sludge and debris from stormwater and sewer pipes up to 225 mm diameter. Each of our custom built Jet Blasting service trailers are equipped with a 20 horsepower Jet Blasting machine, capable of water pressures up to 5,000psi. Connecting to a normal garden tap, these machines can reach over 60m.


Jet Blaster Nozzles

Jet blasters come with a variety of nozzles for use in 20 mm to 225 mm pipes. Each nozzle has a combination of rear and forward jets, allowing them to clean even the highest of blockages. Some nozzle varieties are even equipped with rotating rear jets to ensure that no blockages withstand the power of the water. Unlike the traditional method of an Electric Eel (plumber’s snake), which depends on the machine that powers it for its energy, jet blasters get all their energy from the nozzle at the end of the hose. This means that when combined with the use of a root cutting turbine, a drain cleaned by a high pressure jet blaster is left 30% cleaner than one cleaned using an Electric Eel.


How Does It Work?

The jet blasting process involves the scouring of sewer pipes with constant streams of high-pressure water from a specially designed hose at the rate of up to 5000psi. The process of cleaning up begins with blasting jets of water against gravity into the pipes. The water dislodges all the dirt that causes blockages to fall down the pipe. With this efficient and cost effective way, the debris is completely removed from your line, and your chances of blockage in the future are minimised.


Professional Jet Blasting Services

At Plumbing Central Sydney, we use powerful jet blaster machines to ensure all blockages are completely cleared in no time at all. Across Roselands, Bankstown, Revesby, Peakhurst and to Hurstville, our team of professional plumbers specialise in all aspects of plumbing throughout Sydney. Call us on 04 1001 1999 today!