Why DIY plumbing can end up costing more!

Countless homeowners take it upon themselves every day to try and rectify plumbing issues at the home or office. But a simple DIY plumbing task or project gone wrong can end up costing you dearly, both financially and physically. Below are a few things to consider avoiding, to prevent that simple DIY plumbing repair from […]

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How not to unblock a toilet

Are you unfortunate enough to have a blocked toilet on your hands? There are a lot of tips and tutorials online offering various ways to help you unblock it – whether you have a plunger or not. But DIY plumbers beware; you could end up doing more damage to your toilet if you’re not sure […]

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The Nitty Gritty of CCTV Sewer Inspections

Sewer problems can be difficult to identify, and often result in expensive repairs. Cutting edge CCTV sewer and drainage inspection equipment allows plumbers to give you the answer to your problem. So how does it work and where can it be used? How Does It Work? CCTV sewer inspection enables plumbers to trace and pinpoint […]

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A Close Look At Jet Blasters

Blocked drains, sewers and toilets can cause major damage if they are left unattended. Luckily there are fast and effective solutions to solve these issues. Specialised jet blasting equipment quickly cleans your pipes of any debris that might be causing a drain blockage, without the use of chemicals.   Jet Blaster Equipment A jet blaster […]

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Benefits of jet blasting over traditional methods

Jet blasting or hydro jetting is a commonly used plumbing process to clear blocked drains and pipes. The process uses the power of highly pressurised water and jets to remove even the toughest substances that may be blocking your drains. Jet blasting has become increasingly popular with plumbers over traditional methods of unclogging drains because […]

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