A man on the kitchen floor is fixing the sink
Feb 14 2016

Countless homeowners take it upon themselves every day to try and rectify plumbing issues at the home or office. But a simple DIY plumbing task or project gone wrong can end up costing you dearly, both financially and physically. Below are a few things to consider avoiding, to prevent that simple DIY plumbing repair from escalating into an emergency.

Avoiding DIY Plumbing Mistakes

Voiding the Warranty

When you try DIY plumbing repairs, it often results in damage to some minor or major part of the product. By damaging the product yourself in such a way, you void the product warranty, meaning you won’t be covered for the original issue or any future damage that might occur. That’s more money out of the hip pocket!

Needless Accidents

From slipping on spilled water to incorrect use of power tools, DIY projects too often result in needless accidents of various degrees of severity. In most cases, these are accidents that experienced plumbing professionals can easily avoid.

Incorrect Assembly

Taking apart your plumbing components is easy, but putting them back together is an entirely different story. Homeowners will commonly have problems reassembling kitchen and shower faucets, leaving it in a state where it still doesn’t operate properly. For example, when a pipe has not been fully inserted into a fitting, it may appear to be leak-free, but will later start to leak. These situations can cause quite serious interior and structural water damage. When you do finally call the plumber, it may take them longer to fix the issue.

Water Damage

DIY fixes can do more damage to the plumbing system as well as to your nearby possessions, furniture and carpets. In almost all plumbing emergencies, you have to turn off the water mains tap in order to stop water from gushing out from the pipes. Too often, this step is overlooked, causing more problems than you had to begin with.

Illegal DIY Plumbing

Many people aren’t aware that those simple weekend plumbing repairs could actually be breaking the law. This is exactly the case in New South Wales, thanks to the guidelines set out by NSW Fair Trading. To ensure the safety of all homeowners, the Department of Fair Trading requires that all but very minor plumbing works must be undertaken by a licensed tradesperson. This applies across in all circumstances, from commercial kitchens to your home bathroom. Any unauthorized plumbing work that falls under the umbrella of water plumbing, roof plumbing, or sewerage works will land you a heavy fine.

Leave It to the Professionals

To avoid making costly mistakes with your DIY plumbing activities, call your local Sydney plumber from the experts at Plumbing Central Sydney on 0410 011 999. From unclogging toilets to leaking showerheads and pipe issues, we take care of it all. Our Sydney plumbing services are available throughout the city, across Roselands, Bankstown, Revesby, and to Peakhurst and Hurstville.

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